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June 28, 2017



Haggai 1:8


“Go up to the mountains, bring wood and rebuild the temple, that I may be pleased with it and be glorified,” says the LORD.





Again the Lord called the people to reflect thoughtfully on what they were doing. They were guilty of having a conflict of interests. He urged them to “go to the mountains” where trees grew abundantly, to cut them down, and to continue rebuilding “the temple”. The completed temple would please and glorify Him. “The important thing is not the size or magnificence of the

house, but the existence of it that they want the indwelling God among them.


In the ruins of the temple and in its immediate vicinity were ample stones for building purposes. Because all the timber of the temple was burned in 587 B.C., it was necessary only to obtain large quantities of timber from the forests on the nearby hills surrounding Jerusalem. “When work is gladly done in order to please God it also brings Him glory.


Perhaps some of you have abandoned your area of service because your relationship with the Lord is just not where in needs to be. May I encourage you to stop procrastinating, return to the Lord …rebuild that relationship and then return to the work that has been assigned. Whatever the situation, may we come together and agree that now is “The Right Time To Rebuild”.


Memory Verse: 1 Kings 6:9


You will never reach your destination if you mind those that are always against you

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