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April 27, 2017



Leviticus 25:55


‘For the sons of Israel are My servants; they are My servants whom I brought out from the land of Egypt. I am the LORD your God.





Israelites could also “buy back” their countrymen, who had sold themselves as slaves to non-Israelites living in the land. An Israelite slave could also buy his own freedom, “if he prospered” and could later afford it. In such cases, the Israelites were to “calculate” the cost of redemption, in view of the coming Year of Jubilee, when all slaves in the land went free anyway. The jubilee release does not apply to foreign slaves. God redeemed his people from Egyptian slavery, to become his slaves/servants. It is unfitting, therefore, that an Israelite should be resold into slavery, especially to a foreigner. The jubilee law is thus a guarantee that no Israelite will be reduced to that status again, and it is a celebration of the great redemption when God brought Israel out of Egypt, so that he might be their God and they should be his people.


These “slaves” were to be treated fairly as hired workers and even if they couldn’t pay the rest of their debt they were to be freed at the Jubilee! This year of redemption is also similar to our salvation: In Our Relation to Men…We Are Responsible, In Our Relation to Sin…We Are Free,  In Our Relation to God…We Are Pardoned. Will you be a willing slave for Christ?


Memory Verse: Psalm 113:1


The most formidable way to lead is to serve.

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