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April 26, 2017



Leviticus 25:42


‘For they are My servants whom I brought out from the land of Egypt; they are not to be sold in a slave sale.





When poor Israelites “sold” themselves as servants to wealthier Israelites, their masters

were to treat them as brothers (“a hired man,” an employee or fellow-worker, a fellow-

Israelite) and not as “slaves”. The original law in the Book of the Covenant had to do with the ‘Hebrew’ in the social, not ethnic sense, i.e., with the landless man who survived by selling his services to an Israelite household.


For many years whenever I read the Bible and saw the word “servant” my mind went to that religious place of someone who chooses to serve others willingly as part of their worship to God. It seldom went to the place of a slave. Someone who serves God (by choice) with a mindset that they have to do what they’re told without having a choice. I envisioned my working for God as my choice and I should pat myself on the back because I am choosing to make sacrifices to serve God. “Oh what a wonderful, humble servant I am as I gladly make sacrifices for my God.” Now would this hold true if my mentality says that I am a slave and everything that I do I do it because I am a slave – I no longer have the right to do as I please. While I know this in the back of my mind, it does not seem to “religious” to bring it to the forefront when “servant” sounds so much better. When we come to the point of accepting that the Bible is about slaves – people who chose slavery to God (and Christ) versus Satan we will begin to see that the lives we’re living are not our own at all.


Memory Verse: Psalm 113:1


The most formidable way to lead is to serve.

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