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April 24, 2017



2 Timothy 2:24


The Lord’s bond-servant must not be quarrelsome, but be kind to all, able to teach, patient when wronged,




Quarreling over hypotheticals is inappropriate for a servant of the Lord. He or she must instead promote peace and unity among the brethren. The emphasis in the word translated “able to teach” in the Greek is on the teacher’s ability to bring out the best in his students rather than the teacher’s knowledge. He must also gently correct the erring ones, with a view to their restoration to correct doctrine and correct practice. Thus they may escape the devil’s trap and be able to do God’s “will” again.


The three characteristics just named, ‘gentle,’ ‘able to teach,’ and ‘forbearing,’ correspond respectively to the three elements in the task to be performed—’in meekness,’ ‘instructing,’ and ‘those in opposition’. Those are unapt to teach who are apt to strive. If men will not be the servants of God they inevitably become the captives of the Devil. Man’s freedom is his freedom to choose his master.


Memory Verse: Psalm 113:1


The most formidable way to lead is to serve.

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