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April 20, 2017



Proverbs 3:6


In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.




“Acknowledge” means to be aware of and have fellowship with God, not just to tip one’s hat to Him. It includes obeying God’s moral will as He has revealed it. The promise means that God will make the course of such a person’s life truly successful in God’s eyes. This is a promise as well as a proverb, and it refers to the totality of one’s life experience. It does not guarantee that one will never make mistakes. David exemplified this proverb when he sought the Lord for guidance after Saul’s death.


By acknowledging Him we are confessing that He exists, that He is Lord of all, that His words are truth, that we are grateful for His grace, that we have an obligation to serve Him, that we are subject to His power and authority over our lives, and that we accept His claims over our lives as legal and binding. Will you acknowledge Him in all your ways? In your thought life, in your social and family life. Will you acknowledge Him in your business life and your ambitions? Will you acknowledge Him in your prayer life and your Church life? And will you let Him lead you to be a witness for Him? God has called us to serve Him, will you acknowledge that today?
Memory Verse: Proverbs 16:9
Desire: the starting point of all achievement.

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