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March 1, 2017



Psalm 51:3


For I know my transgressions, And my sin is ever before me.





Several months passed between David’s sin of adultery and the time when he acknowledged his guilt. We know this because Bathsheba had given birth to the child she had conceived illegitimately after David confessed his sin. David’s sin had evidently been on his mind for many months. He had hardened his heart and refused to admit that what he had done was sinful. Perhaps he had tried to rationalize it somehow. True penitence is not a dead knowledge of sin committed, but a living sensitive consciousness of it, to which it is ever present as a matter and ground of unrest and pain.


Knowing the lofty plans and purposes God has for your life can be a powerful motivator to repent and stay on the right path. God has given each of us our own spiritual gift mix that enables us to carry out our divinely assigned roles. While God is fully aware of our past and present sins, He also knows the potential of a person who has His Spirit living in them! Through the power of the Holy Spirit you can truly do miracles greater than Jesus did while here one earth. If one walks in the power of the Spirit and lives a life of perpetual repentance, then nothing is impossible but if one’s continues to sin then one cannot expect to reach one’s God given potential. Wanting to fulfill the potential God has given you is a powerful motivator to live a repentant life!


Memory Verse; Luke 5:8


“I meant what I said and I said what I meant.”

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