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December 5, 2016



Ezekiel 2:4

“I am sending you to them who are stubborn and obstinate children, and you shall say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD.




The people to whom God was sending Ezekiel were stubborn and obstinate, as children often are. The prophet was to announce to them what their master Yahweh said. Ezekiel used the title “Lord God” 217 times. It emphasizes both God’s sovereign authority and His covenant keeping


God put emphasizes on the fact  that the current generation was at issue here.  They are the spiritual descendants of their rebellious ancestors, but it is their own impudence and stubbornness that is Yahweh’s concern.  They stubbornly resist following Yahweh and insist on doing it their own way—following their own star.  It is that stubborn willfulness that has resulted in their exile.

But Yahweh has not given up on these impudent and stubborn people.  He could have abandoned them when they complained on the shore of the Red Sea, but instead he made a pathway through the sea to make it possible for them to be saved.  He could have abandoned them when they complained about food and water in the wilderness, but instead he gave them provisions.  He could have abandoned them when they worshiped the golden calf, but instead he punished them and then continued to lead them.  He could abandon them now, but instead he is sending a prophet (Ezekiel) to give them Yahweh’s word—a word that will save them if they heed it.

Memory Verse: Ephesians  4:18

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