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November 10, 2016



Proverbs 27:1


Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.





Boasting “about tomorrow” involves relying confidently on what one will do and experience in the future, even the near future. If anything is certain, it is human ignorance of what will

Happen this is a sphere that belongs to God. Jesus’ parable of the rich fool, who planned to live many more years but died the next night, should be a warning to all self-confident people. The implication of this proverb is that we should use each day profitably, rather than procrastinating.


Concerning that future, we are prone to fall into two errors with respect to our daily bread.  First, we are prone to fret and worry about the future and whether we will receive sufficient daily bread. The Lord admonishes us in that we must not worry ourselves about tomorrow, but rather seek God’s Kingdom first.  While seeking God’s kingdom first, leave in the hands of our heavenly Father the concern of granting us our daily bread.  Leave in the Lord’s hands what the quantity and the quality of the daily bread will be.


Secondly, we are also prone to fall into the other extreme error of boasting in the future. Against that the text declares, “Boast not thyself of tomorrow!”  Instead of boasting of tomorrow and what we think will and must happen, we must rather make our boast only in Jehovah and our Lord Jesus Christ.  Thereby we may remain submissive and conscious of the will of His providence and counsel in Jesus Christ upon which we are totally dependent.


Memory Verse: James 4:17

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