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October 28, 2016



Matthew 5:40 

And if anyone would sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well





The true Christian has forgotten what it is to be insulted; he has learned from his Master to accept any insult and never to resent it, and never to seek to retaliate. Second, if someone wanted to extract as much as the disciple’s undergarment for some real or imagined offense, the disciple was to part with it willingly. The disciple should not resist the evil antagonist’s action. Moreover, he or she should be ready and willing to part with his or her outer garment as well.


Suffer wrong rather than go to law. If the sufferance should lead to further greater loss, the loss of the cloke in addition to the coat, suffer it still. The cost of both may be less than the cost of litigation. The loss of both is less than the loss of the spirit of meekness.


Memory Verse: Proverbs 16:20

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