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September 8, 2016



Job 15:20


“The wicked man writhes in pain all his days, And numbered are the years stored up for the ruthless.





Several troubles come on the wicked person because of his sin. He writhes in pain all his life. He dies earlier than the godly do. He has irrational fears. He suffers destruction while at peace. He experiences torment by a guilty conscience. He feels he is a hunted person. He is anxious about his basic needs, and he feels distressed and in anguish. Job had confessed every one of these troubles. Eliphaz implied that Job had all the marks of a wicked man. He stressed the inner turmoil of the wicked in this list. He also reminded Job that God will destroy the wicked.

The wicked man will be tormented all his days He cannot calculate with any certainty his future. The end is hid. A righteous man may make some plans, and can see the probable end of his days. He may expect to see an honored old age. But tyrants are so often cut down suddenly; they so frequently perish by assassination, and robbers are so often unexpectedly overcome, that there is no calculation which can be formed in respect to the termination of their course. Their end is hid.


Memory Verse: Romans 3:16

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