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September 6, 2016



Proverbs 31:7


Let him drink and forget his poverty And remember his trouble no more.




Her counsel was that it is not wise for a king to make himself dependent on “women” or “wine”. David’s lust for Bathsheba made him callous toward justice and cost Uriah his life, and Solomon’s many sexual partners made him callous toward pure and undefiled religion and incapable of real love. In other words, obsession with women has the same effect as obsession with liquor. We can see the folly of a king drinking too much in the account of Belshazzar’s feast.

Dost thou fear that thou art too black a sinner to be saved? Remember Agur’s words concerning one of the “four things which are little upon the earth,” but which “are exceeding wise.” He said, “The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings’ palaces.” It may be, that Agur had seen a big black spider in Solomon’s palace, and that as he mused upon it, he said to himself, “That ugly creature is very wise, for there was a great storm coming on, and her usual home would have been unsafe; so looking about for a place of shelter she espied an open window in the king’s palace, and in she went. She had no right there, no one had invited her, but there she was.”

Now, poor sinner, that spider was not as full of venom as thou art full of sin; there is a greater storm coming on than that spider dreaded, and the door of God’s mercy is as surely open as was that window in Solomon’s palace; and thou art invited to enter as that spider never was invited. O sinner, be at least as wise as a spider, and come in to God’s royal palace of salvation; for once thou art inside, thou shalt never be cast out!


Memory Verse: Romans 3:16


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