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July 8, 2016



Sacrifice comes through thanksgiving


Hebrews 13:15


Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that openly profess his name”





Even though God does not require periodic animal and vegetable sacrifices from us, we should offer other sacrifices to Him. These “sacrifices” include “praise”, “doing good” works, and “sharing” what we have with others. We should offer these sacrifices of the New Covenant “continually.”

We must thank God for the mercies we have. In the early days when the Puritans settled in New England they were always having fast days. They had a fast day because their bread was getting short; another fast day because the Red Indians invaded them; another fast day because a ship had not arrived that they expected; and they had so many fast days that they began to get exceedingly weak. At length, one very wise brother said, “Did they not think it would be as well, now and then, to vary the thing, and to have a feast day occasionally? Would it not be quite as acceptable to God if instead of mourning over mercies they wanted, they were to thank Him for mercies enjoyed?” So they instituted what is called the thanksgiving day, which became a perpetual ordinance afterwards.


Learn to thank God for all things, good or bad. Bad things just may be your blessing in disguise.


Memory Verse: Romans 3:25 ( Sacrifice ultimately was paid through Jesus Christ)

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