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July 6, 2016



Sacrifice can be a broken heart


Psalm 51:17


“My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise”



David promised to sacrifice to Yahweh if God would forgive him. He would offer sacrifices of worship, but he acknowledged that what God really wanted, and what he would also offer, was a different attitude. In David’s case, there was no sin or trespass offering that he could present that God would accept. Since he had sinned with a high hand, in rebellious defiance of Yahweh and in repudiation of the terms of His covenant, his sentence was death. The only reason he did not suffer this fate was that God pardoned him.

All men are sinners, not in the same form, but in the possession of the heart of evil. But see the great change which is wrought when the soul is turned to God. God is revealed to the soul. Conviction of sin follows. We see our sin in the light of God’s goodness, and the vision of that goodness now waiting to be gracious, still further subdues the heart.


Memory Verse: Romans 3:25 (Sacrifice ultimately was paid through Jesus Christ )

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