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June 28, 2016



Galatians 5:13 


For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.




The “flesh” is the sinful human nature that every person, saved and unsaved, possesses. It is possible to conclude logically, that since it is unnecessary to keep the Law to be saved, it is unnecessary to pay attention to the Law for any reason. However, Paul was not urging his converts to burn their Old Testaments. The Law has values, as he previously pointed out, one of which is to reveal how to express love for God and other people. Actually the whole Law is a revelation of how to love.

Under grace we are free to fulfill the Law by loving one another. For the Christian, the Mosaic Law has revelatory value, even though it does not have regulatory value, controlling our behavior. Two of the revelatory purposes of the Mosaic Law are: to show us how to express love for God and others, and to teach us by Israel’s example.

Our liberty in Christ is a wonderful blessing. Our liberty in Christ should produce the right response, gratitude in our hearts to God and loving service in our lives to one another. Until we are serving one another through love, we have yet to properly exercise the liberty that we have in Christ.


Memory Verse: James 2:18

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