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May 31, 2016

Amos 4:11

“I overthrew you, as God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah, And you were like a firebrand snatched from a blaze; Yet you have not returned to Me,” declares the LORD.



Even the overthrow of some Israelite cities did not move the Israelites to repent. God had rescued His people like burning sticks from a conflagration, as He had formerly extracted Lot and his daughters from Sodom. The Assyrian kings customarily sowed the ground of a conquered area with salt so nothing would grow there. In all, Amos mentioned seven disciplinary judgments that God had brought on the Israelites: famine, drought, plant diseases, insects, plague, warfare, and military defeat. God sometimes permits His people to suffer so they will turn back to Him, but the Israelites had not done that.

A loving Creator dedicated to our salvation is sometimes left with no choice but punishment. The chastening of God often goes unrecognized in the lives of his people, but the only true way to “find rest” is to yield and repent. There are two ways to prepare to meet God, on our terms or on His terms.


Memory Verse: Daniel 3:25

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