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Our Shelter in Times of Storms

May 16, 2016



Psalm 25:5


Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.





The psalmist sensed his need for divine guidance and instruction. He wanted to walk in the Lord’s righteous ways but needed help in discerning them. He also requested forgiveness for the sins of his youth, asking God to remember His compassion and loyal love, but not to remember his transgressions.

When God pardons sin he is said to remember it no more, which denotes a plenary remission; he forgives and forgets. Since God is omniscient and knows everything, we should probably understand God’s “forgetting” to mean that He does not hold our sins against us. When He pardons us, it is as though He forgets our sins.

One of the wonderful things about the Christian life is that it is ever-changing. There are no boring days when we can wake up each day to serve a God whose mercies are “new every morning”. No one whose hope is in God will be put to shame. It is not the harsh realities that defeat us but our inability to see God’s goodness and will in them. Trust that God is still in control and very much involved in your life.


Memory Verse: Isaiah 25:4

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