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April 2, 2016



Hebrews 6:8


but if it yields thorns and thistles, it is worthless and close to being cursed, and it ends up being burned.




If no good fruit results, however, but only dangerous and destructive “thorns and thistles,” God will bring judgment on this ground rather than blessing it. Worthless” literally means disapproved. It does not mean totally rejected, but rather failing to gain God’s blessing. It is “in danger of being cursed,” but is not “cursed” like unbelievers are. “Burned” does not mean burned in hell. In ancient times, as well as today, farmers often burned their fields to removed unwanted vegetation, not to destroy the field itself. This is evidently a judgment on a believer that God allows because of his or her apostasy. The judgment might result in premature death in some cases. Some “fields,” once burned, turn out to be more productive in the future, and that might be what God’s judgment would lead to in the case of some apostates. The purpose of the burning (chastening) is restoration to fruitfulness

Can a Christians really know they are saved? How is it possible for anyone to come so close and not be saved? How can anyone crucify Christ again? When we are baptized into Christ God sees us as Holy, then we spend our lives becoming what He has made us.



Memory Verse: Ecclesiastes 7:6

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