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March 31, 2016



Isaiah 34:13


Thorns will come up in its fortified towers, Nettles and thistles in its fortified cities; It will also

be a haunt of jackals And an abode of ostriches.





Human leaders will be no more, and only wild animals and weeds will occupy the land. Desolation” and “emptiness” point to chaotic conditions that existed before Creation. Measuring the land indicates that the Lord has a standard by which He evaluates its inhabitants and metes it out to whomever He will.

Isaiah’s prophecy about the “Day of the Lord” is a call to action – not just some fascinating information. Because God is holy, He cannot establish His earthly reign in the midst of sin, and so He is going to carry out His wrath against that sin in order to rid the earth of anything that would violate His holiness prior to the time that he establishes His earthly reign.


Memory Verse: Ecclesiastes 7:6

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