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March 23, 2016



Isaiah 56:1


Thus says the LORD, “Preserve justice and do righteousness, For My salvation is about to come And My righteousness to be revealed.





Since His salvation was about to appear, in return from captivity and in the atoning work of the Servant, His people should practice justice and righteousness . They had a responsibility beyond just believing His promises. Notice that practicing justice and righteousness does not accomplish salvation. They should be its consequence; they cannot be its cause. “We would indeed be blind not to observe that verse1 reflects precisely where the church stands today. Looking back to the once-for-all redemption at Calvary and awaiting a final divine act which will rescue the church from sin, failure and opposition and deal finally with any and every counterforce.

God’s house is not just for a select few. God tells those who are among his family and those who are outside of it that He still intends to add still more to His people than those already gathered; people of every nationality and race, social status and gender. Will you be among them?


Memory Verse: Romans 4:13

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