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December 31, 2015



1 John 2:9


Those who say that they are in the light but hate other believers are still in the dark.





This is another claim to intimate fellowship with God that a person’s behavior reveals as spurious. Hatred of other Christians is a sure sign that one is not walking with God in close fellowship. Hate is the absence of the deeds of love. Love unexpressed is not love at all. Love has no neutral capabilities. When it is absent, hate is present. Obviously genuine Christians have hated other Christians. It is naïve to claim, as some expositors have, that the one who is hating must be an unbeliever. Moreover, John regarded the “hater” and the “one hated” as brothers. In this letter, the community of Christians is in view, so John meant a “brother” Christian, rather than an unsaved neighbor. If the Bible taught that feelings of hatred were a sure sign of an unsaved condition, then virtually no one in the whole church would be saved! But the Bible does not teach this.

We commonly associate temporary blindness with bright light, such as looking directly into the sun. It seems strange, then, to read a scripture which tells us that we can be blinded by the darkness! The non-Christian, the person who is spiritually lost, is already in spiritual darkness. However, God’s Holy Spirit calls to them and offers them a choice to live in spiritual darkness or spiritual light. The life of spiritual darkness ends with the soul being cast into Hell, eternally separated from God. The life of spiritual light ends with the soul forgiven of sin and allowed into Heaven for eternity – but it gets better! Our life in Christ doesn’t begin in Heaven, it begins on earth.


Memory Verse: 1 John 2:4

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