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September 30, 2015



Feast of the Lord


Judges 21: 19-22


The annual feast of Yahweh was probably the Passover “as the dances of the daughters of Shiloh was apparently an imitation of the dances of the Israelitish women at the Red Sea under the superintendency of Miriam.” Another possibility is that this was the Feast of Tabernacles ” in the time of the vintage-harvest.”A third option is that it was a festival of the Israelites’ own making. The fathers and brothers of the women would complain because of the treatment these women would receive and because these men would not receive dowries from their sons-in-law as was customary. The Israelites also expected these fathers and brothers to find some consolation in the fact that they had not technically broken the “wife oath.”This second provision of wives proved to be sufficient for the Benjamites even though the plan involved the violation of basic human rights. With this resolution of the problem the Israelites returned to their homes.


Memory Verse: Exodus 5:1

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