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July 25, 2015



Ephesians 5:18


And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit.





Specifically, we should not let “wine” control us, but God’s Holy “Spirit.” Both forces are internal. “Be filled” is a passive command. It amounts to letting the Holy Spirit, who indwells us, control us completely. We do this by trusting and obeying the Lord as His Word directs. The “wine” that fills a person controls every area of his or her life, as long as that person consumes it. Drunkenness results in incorrigible behavior. Likewise the believer, who allows the “Spirit” to influence and direct his thinking and behavior, will experience His control as long as he maintains that relationship to the Spirit. Another translation of the command is:   Be being kept filled by the Spirit. This is our ongoing responsibility, and it is obligatory for every Christian, not optional. The baptism of the Spirit means that I belong to Christ’s body. The filling of the Spirit means that my body belongs to Christ.

A Christian who himself is perfectly able to drink in moderation is not able to guarantee that his example will not cause a weaker fellow Christian to try drinking and become addicted. And it may be your child. Let’s consider what God says in His Word about being filled with His Spirit. Being filled with God’s Spirit energizes witnessing ,it produces joy , and induces worship.


Memory Verse: Isaiah 5:12

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