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July 20, 2015



Proverbs 23:21


For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty: and drowsiness shall clothe a man with rags.





Overindulgence in food and drink can lead to sleepiness, then laziness, then poverty. We should avoid the constant companionship of people marked by the characteristics of “heavy drinkers” and “gluttons.” Excessive eating and drinking are often symptoms of deeper problems. Moderation is preferable. This saying also implies that the influence of bad companions is strong. King Belshazzar feasted and drank to excess and was unprepared for his enemy’s attack.

Christians are often quick to condemn alcoholics and drug addicts for their sin, but the Bible also denounces gluttony as a dangerous sin against our bodies which are God’s temple. In developing the fruit of self-control in us, the Holy Spirit wants to mold us to be like Jesus when it comes to healthy eating. When the disciples returned from Sychar where Jesus had ministered to the Samaritan woman at the well, they urged Him to eat. Although Jesus knew what it was like to experience hunger and not only ate during His earthly life but often participated in banquet feasts, His response to the disciples was, “I have food to eat that you know nothing about. My food is to do the will of Him Who sent Me and to finish His work. While wholesome meals are important, our most vital nourishment comes from the Holy Spirit.


Memory Verse: Isaiah 5:22


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