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June 3, 2015



James 1:26 


If a person thinks that he is religious but can’t control his tongue, he is fooling himself. That person’s religion is worthless.





Religious” describes someone who fears or worships God. In particular, it refers to the outward consequences of what one believes, rather than to what he believes, or the fact that he believes deeply. The Jews, who were James’ original readers, typically regarded alms-giving, prayer, fasting, regular attendance at worship services, and the observance of holy days and feasts—as signs of true spirituality. However, James said a better test of spirituality was a person’s control of his or her “tongue”.

If I say I value Christ, than I must value what He values. And Since Jesus values the most vulnerable, I must value the most vulnerable.


Memory Verse: 1 John 2:4

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