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May 5, 2015



Proverbs 22:6


Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.





“Train” means to dedicate. . It has the idea of narrowing and in this verse implies channeling the child’s conduct into the way of wisdom. That guidance might include dedicating him or her to God and preparing the child for future responsibilities and adulthood. It is generally true, however, that most children who are brought up in Christian homes, under the influence of godly parents who teach and live God’s standards, follow that training.

The idea that good parents always produce good children and bad parents always produce bad children is just not true. We all know families were the parents were a walking disaster, yet their children turned out to be very decent people, good citizens and responsible adults. By the same token we’ve all seen godly parents who sought to raise their children up to know the Lord, yet one or more or those children ended up in serious trouble. Scripture give us governing principles for training our children, not guarantees. Parents who apply these principles are far more likely to produce godly children than those who do not. The bottom line is to know God’s word, use it, trust it, pray consistently for your ability as a parent and for your children, love them deeply, take nothing for granted and cling to the Lord.


Memory Verse: Mark 10:14


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