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March 26, 2015



Judges 12:8- 12




And after him Ibzan of Bethlehem judged Israel. And he had thirty sons, and thirty daughters, whom he sent abroad, and took in thirty daughters from abroad for his sons. And he judged Israel seven years. Then died Ibzan, and was buried at Bethlehem.





Judge of Israel for seven years after Jephthah; a native of Beth-lehem he had thirty sons and thirty daughters, and was buried in his native town . As “Bethlehem” here is not followed by “Ephratah” or by “Judah,” the town may have been one in the tribe of Zebulun. Ibzan is identified by the Talmudists with Boaz. The objection which might be based upon Ruth , where it appears that Obed was Boaz’s only child, is met by the assertion that all the children of Ibzan died in their father’s lifetime because he had not invited Manoah to their weddings.


Memory Verse: Psalms 3:3


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