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December 5, 2014



Isaiah 57:11


“Of whom were you worried and fearful When you lied, and did not remember Me Nor give Me a thought? Was I not silent even for a long time So you do not fear Me?





Isaiah identified another mark of Israel, which boasted in its election by God and viewed righteousness in terms of correct worship ritual. This was the widespread departure of the nation from God. She had forsaken God and had pursued idols. Yahweh asked the Israelites a question. Who had terrified them that they betrayed the truth, their covenant partner, and their concern for Him? Obviously it was not a great threat that had made them unfaithful, but neglect of Him. Perhaps if He had been more active in judging their sins they would have remembered Him. But, graciously, He had been silent about their sins, and so they had not paid attention to Him.

Are you weary from the daily struggles of life? Do you long for a brighter more spiritually uplifting life? This is a challenge to believers to get honest and real with God, surrendering to Him and growing into who He made us to be. We are in need of revival.


Memory Verse: Lamentations 3:28


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