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November 21, 2014



Matthew 6:33


But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.



Rather than pursuing material things, the disciple should replace this with a pursuit having much greater significance. Seeking the kingdom involves pursuing the things about the kingdom for which Jesus taught His disciples to pray, namely: God’s honor, His reign, and His will. Seeking God’s righteousness means pursuing righteousness in life in submission to God’s will. It does not mean seeking justification, in view of Jesus’ use of “righteousness” in the context. “In the end, just as there are only two kinds of piety, the self-centered and the God-centered, so there are only two kinds of ambition: one can be ambitious either for oneself or for God. There is no third alternative.

God will add are the necessities of life that He provides providentially, about which Jesus warned His disciples not to fret. Here, God promises to meet the needs of those who commit themselves to seeking the furtherance of His “kingdom” and “righteousness.” In view of this promise, how can we explain the fact that some animals, plants, and committed believers have perished for lack of food? There is a wider sphere of context in which this promise operates. We all live in a fallen world where the effects of sin pervade every aspect of life. Sometimes the godly, through no fault of their own, get caught up in the consequences of sin and perish. Jesus did not elaborate this dimension of life, here, but assumed it as something His hearers would have known and understood.

Memory Verse: Psalms 119:11


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