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October 18, 2014




1 Samuel 18:18


But David said to Saul, “Who am I, and what is my life or my father’s family in Israel, that I should be the king’s son-in-law?”





Since he had been unsuccessful in murdering David himself, Saul also tried to get other people to kill him. Saul had promised his daughter in marriage to Goliath’s victor. In spite of this, Saul now added the condition that David also had to fight more battles for his king. David, on the other hand, did not aspire to marry the king’s daughter even though such a marriage would have advanced his career greatly. He evidently dismissed this possibility since he could not afford the dowry. Saul went back on his promise to give David his older daughter, Merab. By setting himself against David, Saul was setting himself against God since David was the Lord’s anointed .


What is my life – How little is my life worth, that by the exposing of that to some hazard, I should purchase a king’s daughter! In these expressions David shows not only his humility, but also his wisdom, in discovering so deep a sense of his own meanness, that Saul might see how far he was from aspiring to be king. Are you the kind of champion that God is looking for? We must consecrate ourselves to Christ so that we will dare to be “Champions of God”. Our nation, indeed our world, is in dire need of Godly Champions.




Memory Verse: Judges 6:15



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