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October 9, 2014



Proverbs 1:7


The fear of the LORD [is] the beginning of knowledge: [but] fools despise wisdom and instruction.


The “fear of the Lord” occurs at least 18 times in Proverbs. “Fear” includes not only a correct way of thinking about God but a correct relationship with Yahweh. It is an affectionate reverence that results in humbly bowing to the Father’s will. It is a desire not to sin against Him because His wrath is so awful and His love is so awesome. The fear of God] is reverential subordination to the All-directing, and to the One God, the Creator and Governor of the world.

Beginning does not mean that the fear of the Lord is where one starts learning wisdom, but then he or she can move away from it as from the starting line in a race. Rather, the fear of the Lord is the controlling principle, the foundation, on which one must build a life of wisdom.

Knowledge is a relationship that depends on revelation and is inseparable from character. Even though many unbelievers have acquired much information without the fear of God, true knowledge rests on a relationship to God that revelation supports. We can learn the really important lessons in life only this way. Here “knowledge” means “wisdom”.


Memory Verse: proverbs 8:10


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