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August 30, 2014



Matthew 8:21


And another of his disciples said unto him, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father.




This disciple made his request as Jesus prepared to depart for the next place of ministry. He apparently meant that he wanted some time off from following Jesus in order to attend to family matters. Jesus’ reply urged the disciple to keep following Him, and not to suspend his commitment to Jesus. He should put his commitment to Jesus even before his commitment to honor his parents. When following Jesus and other commitments conflict, the disciple must always follow Jesus even though his or her other commitments are legitimate. Jesus was testing this man’s priorities. Which was more important to him: following Jesus and participating in whatever Jesus’ will for him might involve, or abandoning Jesus—even temporarily—for some less important purpose? His was not a choice between something good and something evil, but between something good and something better.
There will be times when we will face situations that will require us to act on our faith without having time to process how we would like to do it. During these times we will not have the opportunity to get a running start, we will have to act immediately. Your ability to act in faith is directly tied to your knowledge and understanding of the one sustaining you. Are you able to act immediately or must you have time to get your faith up for the situation?


Memory verse: Genesis 3:12


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