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May 20, 2014



Matthew 7:15


Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
An estimated 10,000 physicians have phony foreign medical degrees that brought one broker of fraudulent diplomas $1.5 million over three years, a congressional panel was told. Claude Pepper, Democrat-Florida, said many American citizens may be receiving medical treatment from doctors who lied on their medical school loan applications, and used the money not to go to school but to pay a broker for fake documents claiming they completed school and training. Pedro DeMesones, who served a three-year prison sentence for mail fraud and conspiracy, told the panel that in three years of “expediting” medical degrees, he provided about 100 clients with false transcripts showing they had fulfilled medical requirements of schools they didn’t attend. “Clients paid me from $5225 to $27,000 for my services, ” DeMesones said. “In all I earned about $1.5 million in those three years. I only got to keep about $500,000 of this total. The rest went for bribes and expenses.”


– Spokesman Review




We have here a caution against false prophets, to take heed that we be not deceived and imposed upon by them. Christ being a Prophet and a Teacher come from God, and designing to send abroad teachers under him, gives warning to all to take heed of counterfeits, who, instead of healing souls with wholesome doctrine, as they pretend, would poison them.
Get your eyes in the Book and off of the TV. You’ll find more truth on your knees then you will find in most of the Babylonish weirdness and hoo-ha on the networks. Communicate more with your Lord and Saviour and less with charlatans and wolves. Get into a godly Church that will help you with the Word where there is a pastor that knows how to use the rod and staff God gave him to fight off the wolves and defend the flock. Being out there alone or straggling behind will get a wolf at your jugular. Be faithful and seek a place to exercise the gift God gave you. These things will make you strong, mature and able to avoid or survive a wolf attack.Be strong and don’t lag behind for the wolves are watching and drooling!



Memory Verse: 2 Timothy 3:5



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