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November 24, 2012


EL SHADDAI (“God Almighty”) – Genesis 49:24

24  But his bow abode in strength, And the arms of his hands were made strong, By the hands of the Mighty One of Jacob, (From thence is the shepherd, the stone of Israel),



In 1715 King Louis XIV of France died after a reign of 72 years. He had called himself “the Great,” and was the monarch who made the famous statement, “I am the state!” His court was the most magnificent in Europe, and his funeral was equally spectacular. As his body lay in state in a golden coffin, orders were given that the cathedral should be very dimly lit with only a special candle set above his coffin, to dramatize his greatness. At the memorial, thousands waited in hushed silence. Then Bishop Massilon began to speak; slowly reaching down, he snuffed out the candle and said, “Only God is great.”

– Unknown



At first glance, we might think that this name for God means the same thing as El – God of Power and Might. However, Shaddai means another type of power and might than the name El means. The Almighty of Shaddai means specifically that God has the power to keep his promises or that God has the power to do what he says he will do – especially if the promise seems humanly impossible. Shaddai, then, is a wonderful metaphor, presenting God as the one who nourishes, supplies and satisfies. In this case, Shaddai means that God is all-sufficient or enough.

God is our unlimited supply of everything we need; he is enough and we need nothing else. He will keep his Word and fulfill his promises and we don’t need to look for or work out any other solution. He is able to do abundantly more than we could ask or imagine. We only need to believe him and take him at his Word!

I.      Why did God wait until Abram was 100 years old and Sarah 90 years old to fulfill his promise of giving them a son? What does this reveal about God and the promises he makes?

II.     Can you think of a promise that God has specifically spoken to you either through       his written Word or through the Holy Spirit to your heart? Did he keep his promise? Will he keep his promise?


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